Gallery Beau site Oostende, Art, Design, Food

    Beau site

    Gallery Beau Site Ostend. It offers art, vintage, design, drinks and food in a homely atmosphere. Whenever you find yourself  in Ostend be sure to check out this lovely place. Beau site is an art gallery first but it also a vintage shop-in-shop and a place where you can enjoy drinks and/or eat a snack. […]

    Camden market London, A great place to eat vegetarian food!

    camden lock market

    Camden market and the amazing global kitchen street food! Camden market is a well known place in London, It’s the probably one of the first places that pops into the minds of tourists who come to London whenever your into visiting a hip place. It’s not that far from the high street but it’s nothing […]

    The Color Run Brussel, by Lipton ice tea.

    color run belgium

    The Color run Brussel, What a color blast! Color run Brussel 2014- are you ready to get messy? Today we went to color run in Brussels, it was wonderful. Such an enthusiasm of the color participants, from young to old everybody really enjoyed themselves. There was color everywhere, even the streets on the streets where […]

    Ryanair, Low cost airline


    Ryanair, Low cost Airline, but at what price? Ryanair a Europeon low fares airline, operating from 69 bases, across 1,600 low fare routes, connecting 186 destinations in 30 countries and operating a fleet of 300 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. They recently announced orders for a further 180 new Boeing aircraft, which will be delivered between 2014 and […]

    Bratislava, the largest city in Slovakia


    Bratislava, the old and the new Bratislava is frequently called the small, charming Vienna. This beautiful city lies on both banks of the Danube River and close to both Austria as Hungary. It is not only the largest town in Slovakia, it is also a city full of contrast, where old and new come together. The […]

    Devin castle in Bratislava, Slovakia


    The ancient Devin castle, a unique historical site in Bratislava. The Dévin castle in Bratislava is a unique Slovakian historical site which ranks among the most significant historical sites in Central Europe. It’s situated on the confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava, at the crossroads of the ancient routes – The Danubian and the Amber. Devin […]

    Vegetarian food in restaurant Mercado Bratislava

    mercado bratislava

    Organic veggie homegrown food at Mercado restaurant Bratislava If you are in Bratislava you have to check out this place. What is the Mercado? Mercado [mer-ka ´-do]-market, is the Spanish name for market. So here in this restaurant in eurovea, you’ll find the energy, the aromas and the tastes of a modern urban market. Restaurant  […]

    Visiting a Masai village, try to do it without a driver!


    Visiting a Masai village When going on safari in Kenya or Tanzania and Maasai Mara to see a glimpse of the big 5, you might want to visit a Masai village too. Do keep in mind that doing this with a driver might not be the best thing to do. Then again, it could be quite difficult to find a village without […]

    Notting Hill London: not just a movie set

    notting hill

    Notting Hill, London Cosmopolitan Notting Hill captivates visitors with its unique charm. It’s not to be missed as it is one of London’s most desirable areas. Not so long ago, it was known as a disadvantaged area with a lot of ethnic tensions. But in the 1990s when the movie came out, it now one of the hippest places in […]

    MedinaTours Fes private day tours

    Mohamed medina tours fez

    MedinaTours Fes private day tours MedinaTours Fes is a touring company from Fez, Morocco. They offer a wide range of excursions throughout Morocco ranging from short day trips to a fortnight. You can check out their full portfolio on their website. We went with them on a sightseeing trip to ruins of Volubilis. To Volubilis! Our […]

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