Trecento design Boutique hotel Roma

300 hotel

Trecento hi-tech boutique Hotel Roma The Trecento boutique hotel is a brand new hi-tech accommodation is Rome. It opened just a few weeks ago and has everything the discerning traveller could desire. Located in the heart of Rome on the popular Via del Corso, it’s the ideal spot for both shopping and visiting the ancient city’s famous tourist attractions. It is located […]

Sultan Sands resort Zanzibar

Sultan Sands resort Zanzibar

Sultan Sands resort Zanzibar Introduction The Sultan Sands Resort lies on the north-east coast of Zanzibar’s main island Unguja, near the town of Kiwengwa. It’s about a 60 minute drive from Zanzibar airport. As hotels in Zanzibar are not allowed to offer transfers themselves, you’ll need to get there by taxi or minibus transfer, costing […]

Poverty in Zanzibar

matembwe zanzibar

Zanzibar, Paradise or not? For many who are traveling to the resorts of  Zanzibar, they come back from the island saying ‘men. this was paradise!’, but is it really?  Yeah I can imaging that with it’s white sandy beaches, azure blue sea, waving palm trees, it has everything to support the idea that this is […]

Best beaches on Zanzibar.

Sultan Sands resort Zanzibar

What are some of the best beaches to explore on Zanzibar? Zanzibar is an archipelago on the East coast of the Africa, Tanzania with beautiful beaches and some fantastic coral reefs in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You can safely dive and admire the wonderful underwater world’s of the African continent. The […]

Zanzibar self drive: tips and tricks

Zanzibar self drive

Zanzibar self drive: tips and tricks Introduction A Zanzibar self-drive is definitely the cheapest way to see the largest island named Unguja. This archipelago on the East Coast of Africa is an autonomous part of the Republic of Tanzania and is a well-known holiday destination for tourists looking for an all-inclusive beach holiday. The main island of Unguja is littered with beach resorts along […]

Ghent festival – Feeding5K, Niets is verloren!

Ghent Festival, Feeding5k, nothing is lost. The pig idea: Let them eat WASTE! Did you know that if food waste was a country, it would be the third largest carbon emitter after USA and China? And that around 10% of the rich countries’ greenhouse gas comes from growing food that is never eaten? On Saturday […]

Signor verde, vegan /vegetarian in Cologne

signor verde

Signor verde vegan/ vegetarian in Cologne Signor verde is a lovely little vegetarian in Cologne where you can enjoy vegan dishes mainly inspired by the Italian kitchen. At first glance we didn’t quite understand as the sign mentioned S.E.A food but that actually stands forStop Eating Animals. Funny. On the menu you will find soups, salads, sandwiches, […]

To photokina cologne for some photo gear news.

photokina cologne

Photokina Cologne 2014 Photokina Cologne is one of the biggest photo gear fairs in the world. It’s held every 2 years, and all the major players in the world of photography attend. Photokina brings together the industry, trade, professional users and end consumers with a passion for photography,  in a way no other event can match. You probably know of […]

Bruges, Venice of the North


Bruges, UNESCO Heritage, A museum on it’s own. Bruges is internationally known and loved. This Flemish art city is among the top of heritage cities in Europe and the world. In 2000, UNESCO declared the whole historic center as a world heritage site. Unique for Belgium and a rarity in Europe. Bruges has a wealth […]

Gallery Beau site Oostende, Art, Design, Food

Beau site

Gallery Beau Site Ostend. It offers art, vintage, design, drinks and food in a homely atmosphere. Whenever you find yourself  in Ostend be sure to check out this lovely place. Beau site is an art gallery first but it also a vintage shop-in-shop and a place where you can enjoy drinks and/or eat a snack. […]

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lobke mafait photogrphy: LOBKE MALFAIT

Check out my new site!

Check out my new site!

Check out my new site!

Lobke Malfait

Originally posted on Afstudeerproject FOTOKUNST Sint-Lucas Academie Gent:
​​There is a deep impulse in me to use this medium to seek out, help create and visually record. The pinnacle moment of an event, time, place, circumstance or relationship, where everything comes together in the form of light, emotion, mood, feeling, composition, shape, form and mystery,…