Bamburi Beach Kenya and Mombasa’s “Beach boys”


Bamburi beach Kenya and it’s beach boys and sex tourism.

Bamburi Beach Kenya is part of a beautiful stretch of coast north of Mombasa . Here one finds enchanting white sandy beaches with very warm water, restaurants, small souvenir stalls and bars. Bamburi Beach is located on the East coast of Kenya just north of Mombasa and is a part of the pacific ocean.. This popular holiday resort attracts many tourists. Most tourists come here to the beach, the Sun and the sea. Scuba diving and snorkeling is a popular activity here by the beautiful underwater world.   Just before the coast lies the ‘ Mombasa Marine Park ‘ where one can admire numerous sea creatures. There are a number of larger hotels at the beach most of these hotels have large pleasant swimming pools.

Bamburi Beach has a tropical monsoon climate with one clear rain period in the spring months. During these months, there is a lot of precipitation. The temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius all year. Because Bamburi Beach, kenya is relatively close to the equator the Sun burns bright and  a high factor sunscreen is recommended.

beach boys in Kenya

The only thing witch is a bit annoying are the constant hustle of the beach boys, they spot you from the hotel and remember you’re every move. The moment you hit the beach they are there. The thing is, it’s a bit a problem to walk freely on the beach. The Kenyan beach boy may be quite the indigenous hunk, his dark sister a garden of sexual bliss, but these two are often shadowy and ruthless ‘investors’ who leave no banknote behind. Their specialty is lonely and middle-aged or aging foreign tourists. The “beach boys”, as the guidebooks and visitors call them, offer a range of goods and services not found in the local supermarket, which swing wildly in price depending on the gullibility of the buyer. Custom-made, hand-carved ebony key-rings and name-plates form a large and legitimate part of their trade; rides to nearby islands in fishing boats or tours to the Shimba Hills game reserve can be a bargain. But then their services move into shadier territory. Marijuana is ubiquitous, but illegal. The boys will sell ganja to the tourists as long as they are discreet; speed, cocaine and heroin are never less than a day away.


Sex tourism

Then there is sex. These young Kenyans have two basic approaches: if you are male, there is always someone’s “sister” willing to oblige; if you are female, one of the boys themselves will be available. But then many of the women who come here are well aware of that. It is often their sole reason for doing so.

Al tough it doesn’t always live up to there expectations. Many of them are looking for love, and sex is a part of that of course. But Kenyan boys will not always be attentive to their needs.  Touching the breast to quickly, not looking into the eyes and not kissing, not be gentle enough in general. Later they discover they are not the only ones that they have sex with, so it isn’t love but a money business. They will also try to convince you that their sister or mother is in the hospital and try to get some money to pay for her insurgence or some other tricks they might have up their sleeves to hustle more of your money.  A good movie to watch to learn more about this is ‘Paradies: Liebe’

Not only do the beach boys speak English, in addition to the local language, Swahili, but they also master German and Italian; languages learned by virtue of years of association with tourists. A perfect command of an European language is always an advantage. Dinners in expensive restaurants, outings, money given at the end of the trip to Bamburi Beach Kenya… this is how they make money. “If I meet a nice woman, I stay with her at her hotel and when she leaves, she gives me 70 000 shillings (1 030 US dollars ) but sometimes less than that,” a beach boys confesses. During peak seasons like Summer, they can have up to five or six different sexual partners.  Most of his partners were more than 60 years old. Even if there is no official estimation of the number of women visiting Bamburi beach Kenya every year for sex tourism, local populations believe that the figures are on the increase. In 2007, Kenya welcomed two millions tourists, most of them from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Germany.

Bamburi beach Kenya




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